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Definition Health advances US expansion with successful Florida trade mission

In June, we were delighted to join the Association of British HealthTech Industries (ABHI) on another trade mission to the United States as part of the 2024 US Accelerator Programme. Paul Carson, our Head of US Commercial, represented Definition Health on this visit to the state of Florida, which took place from 12-21 June 2024.

The mission aimed to forge connections and explore opportunities within the US healthcare market, leveraging ABHI’s extensive network and expertise. The ABHI US Accelerator Programme is designed to support medical device, diagnostics, and digital health companies in scaling their US operations by providing a robust platform for market entry and growth. Following our successful mission to Texas last year, this trip to Florida marked another significant step in our expansion journey.

Florida, recognised as the second-largest employer for medical device manufacturing in the US, offers a thriving ecosystem for HealthTech companies. With over 45,000 healthcare establishments, the state is a crucial hub for innovation and collaboration in the sector.

During the trade mission, Paul and the delegation visited several key institutions across Orlando, Tampa, and Miami, including Nemours Children’s Hospital, Orlando Health, Moffitt Cancer Center, Advent Health, Tampa Bay Wave Tech Accelerator, Memorial Healthcare System, and Nicklaus Children’s Hospital. These engagements provided invaluable insights into the US healthcare system, particularly the integration and adoption of new technologies, and highlighted a keen interest in our solutions and a willingness to explore potential partnerships.

Reflecting on the trip, Paul commented, “The trade mission underscored several common challenges shared by the UK and US healthcare systems, such as staff shortages, the need to improve efficiency, and the importance of enhancing patient experiences. A unique aspect of the US market highlighted during the trip was the concern about the financial sustainability of current healthcare spending. As the market evolves, there is a significant focus on ensuring operational efficiency amid changing spending patterns.”

Paul also noted, “Definition Health’s solutions are well-positioned to address these challenges, particularly in the surgical domain, which remains the largest profit centre for hospitals. Our proven impact in the UK on improving efficiency, resource utilisation, and patient outcomes was well-received by the US institutions we engaged with.” The Florida trade mission was a well-organised and impactful experience, providing unprecedented access to senior US healthcare leaders and clinicians. It facilitated direct conversations about our solutions and offered warm introductions for further engagement with each of the visited hospitals. Paul reflected, “This trip has opened up promising discussions to establish our first US partnerships, and we are excited about the potential opportunities that the Florida market holds for Definition Health.”

Sandeep Chauhan, Co-founder and CEO of Definition Health, added: “We look forward to nurturing these connections and exploring future collaborations, confident in our ability to contribute significantly to the US healthcare landscape. The insights and relationships forged during this mission will undoubtedly propel our efforts to expand and succeed in the world’s largest healthtech market.”

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