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LifeBox Recovery

LifeBox Recovery supports patients through their post-operative home recovery journey, providing hospitals with untapped data insights, increased capacity and an improved patient experience.

LifeBox Recovery – Post-operative patient support

Recovery is a web-based application – accessible on phone, tablet and desktop – that encourages patients to self-serve and securely share information, including photos and videos, about their recovery progress. Concerning information is highlighted to ensure it can be addressed quickly and Clinicians can respond to patients directly from within the app.

Patient benefits

  • Patients feel better connected to their hospital whilst recovering in the comfort of their home
  • Answers to FAQs and other relevant information is surfaced at relevant times throughout the recovery journey
  • Patients can rest assured knowing their recovery progress is being monitored remotely
  • Patients can see positive trends in their recovery progress and look back at how far they’ve come
  • Less unnecessary travel to hospital appointments

Hospital benefits

  • Remove silent periods/blind spots between discharge and routine outpatient appointments
  • Increase hospital capacity by removing unnecessary appointments and discharging patients earlier
  • Enable data-driven decision making
  • Identify urgent problems earlier
  • Prevent hospital readmissions
  • Analyse previously untapped data to identify trends and improve care

LifeBox Recovery

Sustainable Healthcare 

The need for discharging patients with various paper leaflets and dealing with common post-discharge phone calls is removed. Patients travel home calm and reassured, safe in the knowledge that their recovery is being monitored remotely and all the information they need is in one place. Carbon emissions emitted during travel to routine outpatient appointments are reduced as face-to-face check-ups happen only when absolutely necessary.

post-operative patient support

Patient Feedback

“It’s really good to know there’s someone taking an interest in my recovery”

“It’s nice to know that there’s someone watching if you’re stuck at home on your own”

“It opens up a new avenue of communication after your surgery.”

“It’s a great bit of software, really like it. Not heard or seen anything like it before. Helps remove work for the hospital and keeps an eye on me as the patient”

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