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Creating a personalised digital patient pathways

The beginning of Definition Health’s digital patient pathway

We recognise the challenges in perioperative care of patients in resource-strapped hospitals. Hospitals face increasing workloads and continue to be limited by paper-based systems. The need for a digital patient pathway has never been more immediate.

Our goals are to empower and engage patients from pre-assessment and throughout their hospital journey, offer a platform for clinician led digitally enabled care, work towards a more sustainable healthcare industry and realise huge cost saving benefits to hospitals and clinics in the process. 

Why the need for digital patient pathways?

12 million patients need a pre-operative assessment before surgery in UK every year

£35-72 per patient pre-assessment costs for the NHS

1.4 million cancelled procedures for NHS

£30 million in legal claims against NHS for failure to communicate information

LifeBox & SVC in action

Our digital patient pathways are used in multiple hospitals across the UK, with planned expansion overseas in 2021.

When the COVID-19 pandemic caused widespread lock-down in 2020, LifeBox & SVC were an integral part of the hospitals ability to continue working remotely and support patients while unable to treat them face to face.

Using LifeBox ePOA, South West London Elective Orthopaedic Centre was the fastest recovering hospital in London.

Benefitting NHS and Private sectors, our solutions are proven to increase efficiency, satisfaction and offer huge cost savings.

In 2021 Definition Health was selected to join the NHS Innovation Accelerator (NIA)

LifeBox ePOA solution digital patient pathway

The proven benefits of a digital patient pathway


60% reduction in face-to-face assessments

3,060 OP appointments avoided

Average time saving per patient – 1.92 hours


92% of health assessments completed at home

96% patient satisfaction

91% found patient videos useful

Cost saving

£150k in hospital savings in one year

Reduction in on the day cancellations and missed appointments

Multiple litigation cases prevented

Hospital Patient

“It’s so much better than the old system – I felt so comfortable doing my assessment at home and had so much more information. I was well prepared and felt much calmer”.

Hospital Matron

“It’s so well designed and it’s child’s play to use”.

Hospital Anaesthetist

“The consistency and comprehensive assessments are impressive but it’s the first system I have ever seen that conditions patients for consent and anaesthesia”.

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