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Secure Virtual Clinic (SVC)

Secure Virtual Clinic is a digital video consultancy system which supports pre- and post-surgical consultations, on-going patient recovery and patient discharge.

Secure Virtual Clinic – bridging the gap between community care and hospital support

A secure environment that allows for safe dialogue between patient and consultant. With immediacy of communications, the path towards hospital treatment, discharge and recovery has never been easier or safer for patients.

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Patient Benefits

  • Multi-factor authentication for secure virtual consultations
  • Reassurance and familiarity of a face-to-face consultation, on-line and within the comfort of the patients own home
  • Patients can have family attend virtual appointments with them to offer support and gain insight in to their care without space limitations or concerns
  • Information can be accessed in one place, any time

Hospital benefits 

  • Secure two way file sharing, in real time, to support consultations and educate patients with information and advice
  • A seamless, informed standard of care can be offered throughout consultation, pre operative assessment and discharge.
  • Physiotherapy and specialist appointments as well as dedicated surgical follow up can be facilitated through SVC reducing multiple hospital visits. 

“I wanted to streamline the patient experience. To stop them coming into hospital unnecessarily, we had to think more efficiently. I found a note about LifeBox in my in-tray and it was as if by magic here was the answer.”

Mary Richardson, managing director South West London Elective Orthopaedic Centre,

“It’s a complete record that helps me to have an anaesthetic plan ahead of the operation. I can check if a patient is frail and can recommend post-operative care such as HDU or ITU. It helps me to reduce cancellations on the day of surgery and to tailor the anaesthetic technique to the patient’s needs.”

Dr Georges Iskandar, Consultant Anaesthetist for UCLH and HJE

Secure Virtual Clinic (SVC)

Sustainable Healthcare 

SVC moves towards a level of sustainable healthcare few are yet to realise.

Key areas of focus to realise sustainability in the health system include reducing its huge environmental impact, while remaining within increasingly tight financial limits. 

Using SVC, the ability to work remotely with ease is facilitated, carbon footprint emissions from unnecessary patient travel is decreased and paper heavy patient pathways can be eliminated.

Virtual Clinic Secure File Upload

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