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Personalised digital healthcare solutions

Founded by hospital doctors and software engineers, Definition Health delivers a total surgical solution. We enable healthcare providers to reconcile the immediate need for capacity and efficiencies with the longer term ambition for digitalisation, personalisation and joined-up care.

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Definition Health: who we are and what we do

Digital transformation consultancy

We are experts in the implementation of digital healthcare solutions, focusing on the people and processes behind the technology to maximise efficiency and elevate care. We call it “end-to-end” support. 

Virtual clinics

We offer secure online information exchange, live patient consultations and complete follow-up forum – ensuring a unique ‘start to finish’ digital approach to patient care, throughout their surgical journey.

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Video consultation

We offer practitioner-to-patient video appointments for virtual “face-to-face” connection and communication.  Initial consultations, pre-operative assessment and post-operative care can be facilitated through our secure video consultation service.

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Digital triage and pre-assessment

We offer comprehensive digital health pre-operative assessment for patients at home, awaiting surgery.   LifeBox provides clinically proven solutions for hospitals and clinics to personalise patient care and maximise efficiency delivering huge cost benefits and increased patient satisfaction. 

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Virtual ward

Our “end-to-end” process offers untapped insight into patients’ recovery and facilitates unique personalised care.  Patients are able to securely communicate and provide recovery updates from home, improving recovery time and avoiding wasted appointment slots. 

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Patient resources

We offer patients unique access to educational materials and a secure record of their perioperative journey, enabling insight and ownership throughout from the comfort of their own home.

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