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Personalised digital healthcare solutions

Founded by hospital doctors and software engineers, Definition Health delivers a total surgical solution which enables healthcare providers to reconcile the immediate need for capacity and efficiencies with the longer term ambition for digitalisation, personalisation and joined up care.

Definition Health is a ground-breaking, best in class digital health company that is revolutionising the hospital-based approach to healthcare. Founded in 2018 by two practising NHS Consultants, we have produced the first UK end to end digital journey for surgical patients which delivers an agile, seamless, sustainable solution that frees up overstretched clinical teams, delivers personalised patient support and addresses ever-increasing care expectations.

We have recently been chosen by NHS England through the NHS Innovation Accelerator (NIA) as one of only twelve innovations (and the only surgical solution) to help the NHS recover from the Covid-19 pandemic. We are proud that throughout the pandemic our systems have supported the NHS and Independent Sector in the remote pre-assessment of surgical patients across multiple specialities including cancer services.

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Digital solutions for personalised healthcare

Digital transformation consultancy

Experts in the implementation of personalised digital healthcare solutions – from consultancy, pre-operative assessment and beyond – focusing on people and processes behind the technology to maximise efficiency and elevate care.

Virtual Clinic

Secure ‘end-to-end’ online information exchange, live patient consultations and complete follow-up forum – ensuring a unique ‘start to finish’ digital approach to patient care, throughout their surgical journey. Initial consultations, pre-operative assessment and post-operative care can be facilitated through SVC.

Video consultation

Practitioner-to-patient video appointments for remote ‘face to face’ connection and communication. Initial consultations, pre-operative assessment and post-operative care can be facilitated through our secure video consultation service.

Electronic triage and ePOA

Comprehensive digital health pre-operative assessment for patients at home, awaiting surgery. LifeBox provides clinically-proven software and industry-standard integration solutions for hospitals and clinics to personalise patient care and maximise efficiency that offer huge cost benefits and increased patient satisfaction. 

Discharge planning and recovery

Our end-to-end process offers a unique insight into patients’ recovery and facilitates unique personalised care. After the pre-operative assessment,  patients are able to securely communicate and provide recovery updates throughout surgery and discharge – improving recovery time and avoiding wasted appointment slots. 

Patient-held record

Digital patient-held data, electronic pre assessment, and secure file sharing enhances streamlined communication between patients and their healthcare providers. Using two-step authentication patients are able to access their records to enhance past and future care.  The records can be accessed during consultations, pre-operative assessment and post-operative care.

Enhancing your healthcare system

Our personalised digital healthcare solutions enable your healthcare systems to inspire, transform and thrive.

pre operative nurse


With our unique combination of digital apps – including Definition Connect, LifeBox pre-operative assessment (ePOA) and Definition Recover – your healthcare team are able to re-imagine patient pathways and personalise patient care. Clinicians are empowered to offer digitally-enabled care to all patients. 

Image showing user accessing the LifeBox app End-to-end digital solutions


The patient journey is uniquely re-shaped and digitally managed, with a total transformation towards personalised patient care for the digital era. Teams are able to maximise efficiency and work with empowered and engaged patients.  Patient satisfaction is proven to increase while hospitals and clinics realise cost benefits immediately.

Consultant End-to-end digital solutions


Our digital healthcare system will free-up over stretched clinical teams to provide modern, personalised patient support. Agile in its operation, seamless in function and surpassing the ever-increasing expectations of operational care while working towards sustainable healthcare for future generations to come. 

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