Definition Health

The Definition Health Team

Our unique combination of apps are designed using our unique insight and clinical experience. We work towards clinician-led digitally enabled care, empowered and engaged patients and sustainable healthcare.

Meet the team

The Definition Health Team is made up of experienced professionals within the healthcare sector offering unique clinical experience, a dedicated Account Management and Sales Department as well as an expert IT Development team. 

Working together to bring in first-hand experience of patient and hospital needs with extensive IT expertise,  our products are at the cutting edge of Digital Healthcare and offer the definition of an end-to-end patient pathway, that covers consultancy, pre-operative assessment, recovery & discharge. 

Our Leadership Team

Sandeep Chauhan MBBS FRCS FRCS CEO and Co-Founder

“A wise teacher once told me that if you let patients tell you their story you will learn everything, but leave no patient behind irrespective of age, colour, education or digital ability. We have the gift to combine clinical and digital skills to transform health services for patients and providers – so join us on the journey.”

Sandeep has been recognised as a National Innovation Fellow, is a practising Hospital Consultant with more than 16 years of experience and holds a future technology consulting role for a major global healthcare company.

Dr Rosie Scott MBBS FRCR Medical Director and Co-Founder

“Being able to use our skills to make a difference in healthcare really does matter. Working with a brilliant team of healthcare professionals to channel their ideas to create digital products that transform people’s lives has been one of the highlights of my career.”

Rosie has over 14 years of experience as a Consultant MSK Radiologist working within Private and NHS hospital trusts.

Nick Finch CTO

“Innovation in cloud computing and data analytics continues to progress rapidly. Building products on these evolving capabilities that really make a difference to patients and healthcare providers is extremely motivating. I am excited to be able to deploy my knowledge and experience while working with a talented team to deliver outstanding technology solutions”

Nick has over 20 years of experience in a broad range of technical and leadership roles across software engineering, information security, cyber, infrastructure and data analytics.

Our Advisory Team

Dame Jackie Daniel Healthcare Advisor

I have been on a career-long mission to Improve Care and experience for Patients. It was an easy decision to join Definition Health as Healthcare Advisor. I greatly admire what they are doing and, more importantly, how they work. Our values align, particularly around our shared ambition for digitisation, personalisation, and joined-up care.

Jackie began her NHS professional career as a nurse before moving into NHS management. She has been a Chief Executive Officer for 22 years, leading acute, mental health and specialist Trusts.

Our Sales and Implementation Team

Fraser Coombes Account Director 

“My physiotherapy background combined with 15 years working with medical device companies gives me valuable insight into the patient journey. At Definition Health I can blend this experience and unique know-how to connect and work with our hospital partners to deliver an exceptional patient experience through the use of our ever-evolving suite of digital solutions.”

Harrison Gaiger Marketing Director

“It’s incredibly exciting to be part of a team at the forefront of transforming surgical patient pathways. I am delighted to be able to utilise my knowledge and expertise to continue developing the Definition Health brand, broaden our global reach, and strengthen our reputation as patient-centric innovators.”

Harrison has over a decade of marketing experience across the pharmaceutical, health, and life sciences industries.

Crystelle Waters Chief Digital Nurse

“I find it wonderfully exciting that I can utilise my clinical knowledge and expertise, accrued over 20 years of nursing and management in healthcare and collaborate with the Definition Health team to transform the healthcare journey that patients experience.”

Angela Sommerford Senior Implementation Manager

“I have a unique insight into how our digital solutions can successfully transform hospital processes having worked in the hospital where Definition Health first introduced LifeBox. I want to continue helping others to experience the same positive outcome, to reach their goals of providing safer care and improved patient experience.”

Simon Hawkins Specialist Nurse & Implementation Manager

“As a Digital Nurse with 6 years of medical, surgical and pre-assessment experience I’m excited to work with healthcare professionals and show them how digital solutions can improve their own care settings whilst passing on the knowledge and experience Definition Health products gave me within mine!”

Nathan Bourn Digital Media Designer & Customer Success

“Utilising my background in media and communication to help create something that benefits so many people is a truly exciting opportunity. Supporting patients and hospital staff along this journey gives me a unique insight into how we can continue developing and growing as a team to deliver more innovations in the future.”

Our Product and Development Team

Vicky Taylor Product Manager

“It is a great privilege to help healthcare services embrace digital transformation to bring focus back to what matters most – patient care. Bringing a user-first approach to product development sets the patients and our hospital users front and centre of my mind with every step of our product development journey.”

Vicky has over 15 years experience in digital product, marketing and content development in industries including international higher education, event management and healthcare.

Amy Martens Product Designer

“It’s a great privilege to be designing products that deliver innovation and value in healthcare as it’s an area relevant to so many people’s lives. Design can help to shape the best possible experience for both patients and clinicians to achieve positive outcomes, which feels hugely motivating and rewarding.”

Amy has over 15 years experience designing SaaS products across property, finance and marketing technology.

Henrik Gundersen Product Owner

“I love being part of a team that builds products that will help people and make their lives easier. That I can do so in the healthcare industry is very exciting, and I’m really looking forward to helping the team to continue to deliver solutions that improve patient experiences.”

Jan Gosiewski Head of Data Science, R&D

“I’ve always been passionate about healthcare and technology. At Definition Health we have a diverse team and an exciting product to make a lasting impact. I’m excited about working with our clinical partners to develop predictive capabilities improving patient outcomes.”

James Farrant-Jayawant Data Scientist

“It’s incredibly exciting to be at the forefront of integrating AI into healthcare. The potential to enhance processes and outcomes is limitless. Working with a tight-knit and deeply passionate team, all focused solely on the best outcomes for patients, is exceptionally rewarding.”

Nick Brockett Back-end Developer

“The team skills that I hold and cherish the most is our ability to listen carefully, to recognise an opportunity, communicate effectively, pay attention to detail and to deliver on our promise.”

Brent Murphey Back-end Developer

“I enjoy seeing my engineering work helping patients to communicate with hospitals. Having clinicians use our system over legacy paper-based workflows is very rewarding.”

Shane Hudson Front-end Developer

“I love designing and delivering solutions that are intuitive and fully meet the needs of all our customers. My background in website accessibility allows me to think differently about our customer needs and shape our solutions to ensure ‘digital’ is available to all.”

Dave Mackintosh Full-Stack Developer

“I’ve used technology to help improve people’s lives from hardware to product design to architecture and software development over the last 15 years. It’s endlessly rewarding being able to facilitate the full stack to help a smart business modernise such a core industry to society.”

Rahul Lamba Back-end Developer

“Over 10 years of experience in software development across different domains I love working on complex and intellectually stimulating coding problems. “

Josh Hellawell Back-end Developer

“It is incredibly motivating to be part of such a talented team revamping the way we use healthcare. Building solutions which help thousands of people is something that really inspires me. I’m excited to continue learning more about the world of healthcare, and where improvements can be made.”

Sunitha vallabhaneni DevOps Engineer

“I love the process of automation to improve company’s workflows, increase productivity, reduce mistakes, and control all the processes of the business in real time.”

Oceanne Gallagher Back End Engineer

“Working in an industry which actively seeks to improve people’s lives is incredibly rewarding and doing so with the help of such a motivated and skilled team is a joy”

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