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Digital Transformation Consultancy

At Definition Health, we have unique experience in developing bespoke strategies to help strengthen your hospital's short-term performance and maintain sustainable long-term improvement. Our Digital Transformation Consultancy service will enable your teams to Inspire, Transform and Thrive in the ever-changing landscape of digital healthcare.

Digital Transformation Consultancy – working with the people and processes behind the technology to maximise efficiency and elevate care

We are experts in the implementation of personalised digital healthcare solutions – from consultancy, pre-operative assessment and beyond.

Understanding the unique needs and goals of your hospital, we establish a future proof roadmap of digital transformation that will enable your teams to inspire, transform and thrive in the ever-changing landscape of digital healthcare.

Our Partners

Using our tried and tested 5 step project structure, we collaborate with key members and teams within hospitals to deliver a robust, adaptable and scalable digital transformation that will maximise efficiency and elevate care.


We understand that no two hospitals are the same; by utilizing our previous consultancy experience we are able to work with NHS & Private hospitals to understand existing patient pathways, staff deployment and operations. This collaborative exercise helps to identify objectives, current blockers, vulnerabilities and opportunities to implement our digital solutions and achieve results. We work closely with hospital teams to develop a bespoke set of key performance indicators and define a comprehensive future-proof digital pathway that aligns clearly with the current and future business objectives across the entire organisation to benefit both the hospital and patients.


Our product experts work closely with hospital departments to deliver a digital transformation roadmap that has the ability to overcome the cultural, technical, financial and corporate barriers associated with change. By encouraging inter-departmental collaborations, operations can be optimised, financial savings made as well as end-users becoming engaged and passionate about digital transformation and modern healthcare. Our products offer a standardised clinical assessment based on regulatory guidelines and encourage a “safety through learning” approach to patient care.


The expectations of both patients and clinicians have changed dramatically as technology has evolved. Today hospitals recognise that they should be providing patients with the digital solutions they require or risk losing out to trusts who have already begun their digital transformation journey. Our products and services ensure patients receive the right information and offer them an opportunity to become equal partners in their care.


By planning a digital road map that involves teams throughout the hospital, we can ensure that departments adapt quickly to an ever-changing healthcare landscape. Utilizing departments sometimes overlooked in digital healthcare transformation ensures you can be fully responsive to patient needs and engage employees to be forward-thinking and collaborative. Through the teams’ interactions, hospitals can monitor and manage business performance effectively and manage compliance, risk and security.


We have empowered numerous hospitals to overcome the cultural, technical, financial and corporate barriers associated with digital healthcare transformation. Following a successful project resulting in clinician-led change and engaged patients, we develop a bespoke handover structure to ensure continuous optimisation and monitoring. Through scheduled follow-up meetings, we encourage users to develop and adapt throughout their roadmap with our support and continued product development.

Digital Transformation Consultancy

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