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End-to-end digital pathway for surgical patients

Our unique combination of apps support patients digitally through their surgical journey

“If patients are waiting a long time for surgery, a second pre-assessment will need to be undertaken to ensure there are no changes to the patient’s condition.  With the LifeBox product, information can be updated virtually, ensuring patients do not need to have unnecessary visits to hospital.”

Mary Richardson, managing director South West London Elective Orthopaedic Centre

“When COVID began, LifeBox really came into its own. Staff are interacting with LifeBox more than ever, and it ensures the pre-assessment process is as smooth and seamless as possible which in turn improves the quality of care and reduces risk to our patients.”

Claire Manley, outpatient’s services manager at St John and St Elizabeth Hospital (HJE), London

End-to-end digital pathway for surgical patients – made simple

Our unique combination of Secure Virtual Clinic and LifeBox ePOA offers patients personalised digital support throughout their surgical journey

Secure Virtual Clinic

Using multi-factor authentication for secure and effective virtual consultations. The solution provides the reassurance and familiarity of a face-to-face consultation, on-line and within the comfort of the patients own home. Clinicians can share file uploads in real time to support consultations and educate patients with information and advice – all stored in one secure profile.

LifeBox ePOA LifeBox

Patients provide medical information to the hospital from the comfort and safety of their home – at their own pace, in their own time. Unique procedure specific education videos are available to the patient offering them insight into their care. Two-way file sharing can be utilised to communicate information regarding the patient procedure.

Recovery LifeBox

Recovery is a web-based application – accessible on phone, tablet and desktop – that encourages patients to self-serve and securely share information, including photos and videos, about their recovery progress. Concerning information is highlighted to ensure it can be addressed quickly and Clinicians can respond to patients directly from within the app.

Our end-to-end digital pathway for surgical patients offers:

  • Secure information storage using multi-factor authentication
  • Enabled clinical risk stratification and auditing
  • Reduced admin costs
  • Uplifted procedure and comorbidity coding
  • Increased patient satisfaction
  • Reduction in delays and cancellations
  • Reduced hospital foot traffic
  • Sustainable alternative to paper heavy pathways
  • Improved time management and appointment keeping
  • Digital record of the patients surgical pathway
  • Outcome scores
  • Unique patient education and conditioning consent
  • Patient medical information prior to appointments
  • Increased appointment capacity
  • Support during discharge and recovery
  • Personalised patient care by identifying needs early

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