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Total surgical solution

Our unique combination of apps support patients digitally through their surgical journey

“If patients are waiting a long time for surgery, a second pre-assessment will need to be undertaken to ensure there are no changes to the patient’s condition.  With the LifeBox product, information can be updated virtually, ensuring patients do not need to have unnecessary visits to hospital.”

Mary Richardson, managing director South West London Elective Orthopaedic Centre

“When COVID began, LifeBox really came into its own. Staff are interacting with LifeBox more than ever, and it ensures the pre-assessment process is as smooth and seamless as possible which in turn improves the quality of care and reduces risk to our patients.”

Claire Manley, outpatient’s services manager at St John and St Elizabeth Hospital (HJE), London

End-to-end digital pathway for surgical patients – made simple

Together as a family of connected solutions, Definition Health’s total surgical solution digitises the whole surgical journey, maximising cost savings and capacity for the hospital, while providing continuity of care for the patient and ensuring accuracy and clarity of communication at every step.

Each solution can be deployed independently to digitise key steps in the surgical pathway, relieving pressure and creating efficiencies and additional capacity at specific stages. Hospitals can add and integrate modules as their needs for additional capacity evolve, generating efficiencies at each phase of the patient surgical pathway.

Definition Connect

Definition Connect (formerly Secure Virtual Clinic (SVC)) is a secure file sharing and digital video consultancy system which streamlines pre- and post-surgical consultations, ongoing patient recovery and patient discharge.

Definition LifeBox

Definition LifeBox is a digital pre-operative assessment tool that streamlines patient assessment, facilitating hospital decision-making, enabling personalised patient care, and unlocking additional capacity for healthcare teams.

Definition Recovery

Definition Recovery is an online platform that enables self-reporting of symptoms during post-operative recovery, updating the hospital in real-time and red flagging patients that need immediate assistance.

Our unique end-to-end approach provides access to a secure, real-time two-way information exchange system, offering patients personalised support at every stage of the journey.  Meanwhile, our intuitive pre-assessment and recovery platforms streamline patient assessment and support care at home, creating efficiencies, enabling personalised patient care and realising sustainability goals.

Our combination of digital solutions refocuses the surgical pathway around the patient to deliver continuity of care and minimise unnecessary appointments and paperwork. This end-to-end approach results in better patient outcomes, increased efficiency and hospital capacity, and cost savings.

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