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Definition LifeBox

Definition LifeBox is a digital pre-operative assessment tool which supports patient assessment, hospital decision-making and personalised patient care.

Definition LifeBox – Digital pre-operative assessment for hospital and patient

With the backlog of elective operations growing, Definition LifeBox offers hospitals a simple way to increase efficiency and capacity, and reduce unnecessary costs, while maintaining exceptional levels of satisfaction among patients and clinicians.

Definition LifeBox offers a secure and convenient online platform for the patient and hospital to share and review pre-operative information safely and securely while also standardising patient care and improving education.

Definition LifeBox Digital pre-operative assessment – comfortable and convenient

digital pre-operative assessment ePOA

Patient benefits

  • The patient provides information to the hospital from the comfort and safety of their home
  • Reduction in multiple hospital appointments and associated travel 
  • Unique educational videos mean the patient is fully informed and put at ease about their upcoming hospital visit and procedure
  • With secure file sharing,  admissions and procedure information can be accessed in one place at any time
  • Patient needs identified early resulting in personalised and relevant care

Hospital benefits 

  • Digital information provided by the patient throughout the digital pre-operative assessment process is available in one place
  • Concerns can be identified before hospital admission optimising patient safety and reducing cancellations
  • Standardise clinical assessment based on regulatory guidelines
  • Remote working facilitated
  • Uplifted procedure and comorbidity coding
  • Pathways can be streamlined and centralised increasing efficiency and reducing unnecessary cost

“LifeBox offered training for individuals and small groups of staff and we did a lot of hospital internal communications about it. We encouraged ward nurses to be involved in the pre-assessment so that when they went back on the wards they used their knowledge to help other nursing staff and knew the challenges that the pre-assessment nurses faced – it wasn’t just about one department using it.”

Claire Manley, outpatient’s services manager at St John and St Elizabeth Hospital, London.

“Our launch and use of LifeBox digital health technology has digitised our entire patient pre-operative assessment service, making it more efficient, eliminating the need for unnecessary hospital visits, and significantly reducing risks for patients undergoing surgery. It has proved an invaluable tool during the COVID crisis, supporting the safe triage process of NHS patients needing clinically-urgent surgery at our hospital which has become a ‘hub’ for the region.”

David Eglington, hospital director at The Montefiore Hospital, Hove